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Ricardo is half Italian, half Puerto Rican and 100% sexy! He claims that he's never dipped his stick in the team pot, but we hope to change that. Thinking he's just our new cameraman, Ricardo has no idea we want to make him the star. If we get our way POV is going to get real personal with this crew.    Jesse's girlfriend doesn't give him blowjobs anymore so when Dylan started telling the story about the first time he got a blowjob from another guy it got Jesse's blood pumping down south. He tried to resist Dylans offers to 'help out' but he couldn't resist the voice in his 'little' head.    Gangster hit the shower back at the hotel after the game while his team mates worked on a game plan to recruit his rookie ass. He denied any interest in pitching for the other team but persuasive negotiation with his bat and balls quickly loosened him up enough for them to hit a few home runs together.

Skinny Pimp just moved to town with his girl and he's eager to make friends. When we invited him up for a    From the moment they met Jordan was scheming. The plan to get Tyson back to his hotel room worked, but he would have to do better than beer to get this straight guy into bed. Lesbian porn was just the trick to get Tyson's throbbing snake to slither right into the hands of this charmer.    Word of mouth says that our sexy centerfold makes a big bang, but only with his ladies. To be sure we tempt this big boy with a tight man pussy to bang. Cum and find out how big an explosion our glitter girl gets out of this first time fairy fucker.

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We found Chad on his daily walk in the park and took the chance on picking him up. He had never been with another man before, so we filled his virgin mouth and ass with our hot cocks!    Dakota thought he was training 2 future track stars. But he's the one who got trained by 2 porn stars! Trained to take it like a the ass! See Dakota open wide for His First Gay Sex!    Diablo is a meat and potatoes no frills kinda guy. We could see that from afar, so we knew that he'd be on knees taking our meat and sucking on our sack of potatoes! Diablo wasn't going to walk straight cause now he's gay!

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